The Talent

Emma Faith – Aurora

My name is Emma.  I’m going into 6th grade next year.  I love acting.  I’ve been in 10 plays and was an extra in a movie.  I have one sister and two brothers.  I enjoy learning to play the flute and talking to my friends.

Sophia Barnhart – Jenny

Sophia is an outgoing, active 10 year old. She never meets a stranger and loves to be in the middle of things. She has always loved acting.

Liam Patrick – Luke

Liam enjoys being homeschooled, and has just completed the 2nd grade.  He enjoys playing any kind of sport.  He loves technology, like his big sis, Audrey.  He also enjoys hunting with his dad.  He is looking forward to filming EVARB because he loves to get wet and dirty.  He is much like his character Luke in real life.

Martin Holland – Nyler, EVARBIAN Leader

Martin Holland is 14 years old and was born in Newport News, VA, however he spent most of his life in Wake Forest, NC. In June of 2015, he moved with his family to VA. He has been homeschooled his entire life and will be starting the 9th grade in the fall. In his free time, he enjoys reading and technology. He also plays the trumpet.

He worked on the Tarzan Production at Patrick Henry Community College running one of the spotlights.

Martin is a newcomer to the world of acting, but is excited about making his debut in EVARB.

Audrey Hope – Havah, EVARBIAN

Audrey is a 13 year old aspiring actress.  Her dream is to be a Disney Princess at Disneyland during college and then become a full-time actress.  This is Audrey’s first lead role in a feature film.  She has been in multiple commercials and played as background talent in other feature films.  Performing in several live performances such as Les Miserables, Tarzan, and many more is where Audrey’s love of acting began. She is also an up and coming YouTuber.

Kassidy Slaughter – Noona, EVARBIAN

Hi! My name is Kassidy Slaughter. You may also know me as Noona in Evarb! Ever since I was a toddler I’ve always loved being on camera. I was always fascinated by movies and how they were made. I am so beyond thankful for the opportunity to be in Evarb, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. My plan is to move to Los Angeles in a few years and pursue my passion of acting for film and TV and directing. I currently run a YouTube channel called Kassidy Nicole in which I am partnered with AwesomenessTV

Boaz Joseph – Boo, EVARBIAN

Boaz is a spunky, energetic 6 year old. He enjoys playing football, basketball, baseball, and wrestling with his brother Liam. Even though he’s only six he is quite the gentleman. He began his acting debut this past year as a raccoon in Missoula Children’s Theater’s Red Riding Hood.

Lilly Anthony – Dee Dee, EVARBIAN

Lilly is three years old.  She is a sweet girl who loves to sing, dance, read/look at books, and play with her sisters and brother.  Playing DeeDee in Evarb is Lilly’s first experience with acting.

Victoria Mitchem – Amandala, EVARBIAN

Victoria is a 15 year old aspiring actress waiting for her big break! While she waits, Victoria enjoys participating in local theatre and dancing at The Dance Studio. She is active in her youth group at New Life Community Church. Victoria hopes to one day use her talent as a “drama queen” to share the love of Jesus with others.

Abby Lucas – Maggie the Medicine Lady

I’m a homeschooler going into 8th grade. I love acting in our community theater TGRC and swimming competitively for the Eden Purple Penguins. I am so happy to be a part of this movie and would like to thank Jesus for everything!

Randy Beaumier – Grandfather

Randy Beaumier was born and raised in Saint Petersburg,  FL.  He’s a proud U.S. Army veteran and a retired  telephone technician.  He is also the proud grandfather of  four of the children featured in the movie EVARB.  He  began his acting debut as background talent in the movie  Extraordinary.  In his free time he is a freelance writer.   He’s published 5 novels under the pen name Randy H. Church.  When he’s not writing or acting you can find him on the couch with his dog Buddy.

Jane Pilson – Grandmother

Jane Pilson has managed to be in five movies without leaving Henry County.  In addition to EVARB, she has been in the Sweded versions of Almost Famous, Willie Wonka and The Wizard of Oz, and in the The Last American Hero, starring Oscar winner Jeff Bridges.
Jane is the Vice-President of the Piedmont Writers’ Group, and has published The Strolling Bones Rollercoaster Tour which is available on Amazon Kindle.
Beth Stinnett – Mother of Havah and Boo and Regnad

Beth Stinnett is extremely proud to join the cast of the locally produced and filmed movie. Beth lives in Henry County with her husband and two young children and is employed by the Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation in the Tourism & Film Office. She has been employed by the MHC EDC for five years and directs the Film Office. Stinnett has years of experience with production assistance, location scouting and marketing the Martinsville-Henry County community to potential filmmakers. In 2015, Stinnett became an AFCI-Certified Film Commissioner, and elite group of specially-trained film office liaisons across the world. Though this is her first major role, Stinnett has appeared in multiple photo ads and regional videos for the MHC Tourism Office including promotional videos, live interviews and more.

Stinnett also spends her time enjoying fitness, antiquing, DIY projects, spending time outdoors and mostly spending quality time with her young family. She is also a member of Cross Point Church where she and her husband serve as Sunday School Leaders.

Beth would like to thank Audrey Bredamus for the opportunity to be a part of the film and would like to express how proud she is of the young filmmaker pursuing her dreams.

Matt Stinnett – Father of Havah and Boo and Regnad

Matt Stinnett is looking forward to EVARB making its debut. Matt lives in Henry County with his wife and two young children and has been employed by Lowe’s Home Improvement for the last 11 years. His wife, who heads the Martinsville-Henry County, VA Film Office introduced him to the idea of taking on the role of the husband/wife duo in Evarb. Stinnett took TV Production classes while attending Fieldale-Collinsville High School and still has interest in production.

Matt also spends time weight-lifting, fishing, hunting and making memories with his son and daughter.

Jim Woods – Scientist 1

Mary Battle – Scientist 2 and Regnad

I homeschool with BJUPress online and love it. I sing, dance, frolic, teach children, and pray – like Maria Von Trapp. I thrive when reading, writing, and training in martial arts. I am a lifeguard at the Y and started my own photography business – Mary Catherine Photography. I strive to love, serve, and give light and truth to those I can. If I do anything that is praiseworthy, may God get all the praise!

Sherry Locklear – Scientist 3

I am a 59 year old homeschooling mom.   I have been married to my husband, Kenny, for 37 years.  We  have 5 children and 3 grandchildren.  I have been homeschooling for 20  years and am currently a Support Representative and Challenge A Director for Classical Conversations.  I am passionate about Creation Science and teach programs with that focus at our farm in Franklin County, VA.

Shelly Slaughter – Mother of Aurora, Jenny, and Luke

Hi! My name is Shelley Slaughter, I am a instructional coach for Henry County public schools. I am a mom of 2, and my daughter Kassidy Slaughter plays Noona. I love scrapbooking, traveling, and spending time with my family. I was recently an extra in Liberty University’s new feature film “Extraordinary.” I am looking forward to being apart of Evarb!

Ayden Pickett – Thacie, EVARBIAN

My name is Ayden Pickett, and I am 12 years old. These are some activities I enjoy doing: playing outside, drawing, fishing, hiking, and interacting with animals. My favorite animals are the fox, squirrel, and any cat. I also enjoy playing the piano, which I have done since I was five. Finally, I enjoy reading and writing and someday hope to write my own book.

Sadie Pickett – Sereena, EVARBIAN

My name is Sadie Pickett, and I am six. I like to play with animals, swing, and play with my dolls. I also like to draw pictures of cats, birds, and other things too! My favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs, and I hope that soon I’ll learn how to make them.

Rachael Cardwell – Shylar, EVARBIAN

Rachael Cardwell enjoys acting in many genres and has been part of Theatre Guild of Rockingham County for three years. Some of her favorite past roles include Jetsam in The Little Mermaid, Jr., an elf in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Molly in The Homecoming. Acting in a movie has been very different from her theatre experiences, and she has enjoyed the opportunity to see how films are made. Rachael is homeschooled and enjoys reading, drawing, and playing the ukelele. She aspires to act on Broadway in the future.

Nathaniel Kanode – Goodeen, EVARBIAN

Nathaniel Kanode was born in Martinsville, Virginia on May 3, 2004 to Luke and Nikki Kanode of Axton, Virginia.  He has two brothers Joshua and Isaiah and one sister Naomi. He attends Classical Conversations and is homeschooled by his parents. He enjoys most outdoor activities, playing sports of all kinds, hunting and loves music. He is overjoyed in having this experience to learn more about drama. This has been a dream come true for him and he is honored to have been picked to play the part of an Evarbian fighter.

Rosalie Holland – Shailene, EVARBIAN

Rosalie Holland is from Wake Forest, NC. She recently moved to VA with her family. She has been homeschooled her entire life and will be starting the 2nd grade in the fall. She loves running and playing soccer. She is constantly on the move whether that means running, tumbling, or stomping around the house. She loves to sing and is learning to play the piano. Some of her favorite things are drawing, crafting, and doing math. She performed in the Red Riding Hood Play with Missoula Children’s Theater this past winter and enjoys being on stage!

Layla Spencer – Linninia, EVARBIAN

Hi, my name is Layla Spencer, and I am 11 years old. I love to walk/play with my dog, sketch, create crafts from Duck-Tape and other things as well! Playing the violin is another activity which I love! I have been in karate for a few years. One of my favorite animals is the turtle. Someday I hope I can open my own business or bakery.

Cate Woods – Yayseen, EVARBIAN

Hey, I’m Cate Woods.  I’m 11 years old, and like to hang out with friends, play with animals and play sports.

Jonathon Holland – Skylar, EVARBIAN

13474965_10208576272698411_1774058572670599960_oJonathan Holland is from Chapel Hill, NC. He recently moved to VA with his family. He has been homeschooled his entire life and will be starting the 4th grade in the fall. He loves playing soccer. Some of his favorite things are legos, minecraft, and camouflage.

Elijah Pickett – Fez, EVARBIAN

Hi, my name is Elijah, and I am 10 years old.  I really enjoy doing things that involve using my mind and tools, such as: building Legos, puzzles, and playing games. My favorite animal is the hummingbird, but I like dogs too. I hope that soon I’ll be able to play the guitar, and maybe open a studio.

Havah Marie – Rie, EVARBIAN

Havah is a very happy 3 year old who spends most of her time in character and quoting lines from her favorite movies and shows.  She loves music, dancing, swimming, and her family!  This is Havah’s first time in a movie, and she has loved getting to spend the extra time with her cousins while filming this movie.

Aaron Holland – Tangier, EVARBIAN


Aaron Holland is from Wake Forest, NC. He recently moved to VA with his family. He has been homeschooled his entire life and will be starting the 7th grade this fall. He loves playing baseball and he is a Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey fan. He plays the clarinet, alto saxophone, and flute and also loves to sing. He performed in the Red Riding Hood play with Missoula Children’s Theater this past winter.  By being an actor in the Evarb movie, he is fulfilling a life long dream of being on screen.

Nicholas Goard – Shen, EVARBIAN
Nicholas Goard is a seven-year old homeschooler who enjoys every moment of filming with his friends in Evarb!  In addition to his current role as Shen, he is thankful to have played the part of Youngest Tarzan with the Patriot Players, a couple leading roles in a summer showing of Aesop’s Fables with Once Upon a Blue Ridge Theater, and a supporting role in the Missoula Children’s Theater’s performance of “Rapunzel.”  Nicholas is currently learning to play violin.  Although he also loves playing Minecraft and the piano, his favorite thing to do is to hang out with his family and his two dogs.
CJ Woods – Regnad

Grace “Lizzy” Hester – Regnad

Cameron Boyd – Regnad

Caroline Williams – News Reporter

Caroline Williams is a Junior at Liberty University and is studying Environmental Biology and Global Studies. In her free time, she enjoys sports, volunteering, and talking! She has been involved in theater since she was four years old and has been in numerous church, school, children’s theater, and community theater productions including Peter Pan, Les Miserables, Children of Eden, and Legally Blonde. She is a former student of the Roanoke Ballet Theater where she performed in The Nutcracker, Mary Poppins, and The Little Mermaid. Though Caroline has appeared in the media and has been on television, this is her first involvement in a movie!

Shawn Mitchell – Regnad

Shawn is usually the one behind the camera but has stepped in front of it for this movie.  He spent a lot of time on stage in middle and high school and still loves to act.  Shawn spends his days working as a machinist and his nights hanging out with his family, playing guitar, or editing photos and videos.  He is from Ridgeway and now lives in Martinsville with his wife, daughter, cat, and two dogs.